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The return of the mallard at the Lake House winery signals the start of every new harvest. So it’s where this new brand identity project began. With the overall aim of embodying the pinot noir’s rich and delicate notes and aromas in visual and physical forms.

The bottle wrap is tactile yet subtle. Its feel lingers on the fingertips just like a good red lingers on the palette. Its gold seal is soft and elegant. Its colour derived from the leaves of the Lake House grapevines which turn from green to gold when ready for harvest. 

No detail hoards attention. Instead all work together to create a unified look and feel. Though, one design element does bring all elements together. And it is the stippled mallard. Fine, hand-placed dot work creates depth and dimension. A result that could only come about with time and patience – two ingredients also integral in every bottle of Lake House pinot noir.

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